How to generate leads for your business?


1. Google Ads

Google Ads was Previously known as Google Adwords. Google is the highly rated as well as most reliable source for generating leads for any business category. If it is used wisely it can give maximum benefit from your ad spent. Google Ads are Categorized into four different categories-

  • Search Ads– Directly reach customers who are searching for your product or Services. These Ads are also known as Demand fulfillment ads.
  • Display Ads– You can run a different kind of visual ads across different websites and apps related to your business category.
  • Video Ads- You can reach to viewers who are searching for your product or service on YouTube and also across the web.
  • Shopping Ads- You can showcase your product or service and similarly generate leads with Shopping Ads.

Let me tell you a story of one of our clients, as they use to run Google Ads by their own with a daily budget of Rs 10000 and they were getting lesser number of clicks and impressions that was actually not converting. When we started their project with an effective strategy of having high converting landing pages, maintaining good Quality score with better targeting options then they started getting quality leads, inquiries at a lesser cost.

2. Facebook Ads

The world’s biggest social networks have it’s pros and cons when it comes to lead generation. According to an estimate if we assume Facebook a country, then its the 3rd largest country in the world. Facebook is good for a certain market & niche, as it doesn’t suites all markets. Adverts are also known as Demand generation ads. It is only good if your target customers are broad i.e B2C, its difficult to target B2B Customers through this platform.

Google Ads are Characterized into eight different categories-

  • Domain Ads: It is helpful when your goal is to increase website visitors.
  • Multi-Product Ads (Carousel Ads): It is helpful when your goal is to highlight multiple products and services.
  • Offer Ads.: It is helpful when your goal is to attract customers through different offers.
  • Video Ads.: These Ads are very effective if you want to create your brand awareness through a video.
  • Lead Ads: Through lead ads, we can get your customer’s name, number, location etc & later you can take their follow-ups.
Get More Leads for your Business

It is good to make ads in ad manager rather than just boosting a post as you might be having lesser options while making a Facebook Ads.

Using Story Triangle in a Facebook Ads is the most innovative ways of Advertising and generating brand awareness in a similar Niche. Through story triangle, you can create a story of your existing client who got benefited through your product or service.

Remember one rule for sales- you can’t sell anything directly you just need to touch your client’s hearts, engaging them, making good relations with them by providing them with real case studies.

3. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is one of the best Social Media Channels for the professional network only where one can make his/her Academic as well as Business Profile.It is good only if you are targeting B2B Clients, but for B2C Facebook is highly recommended. Here CPC (Cost Per Click) is much higher than Facebook & Google Ads which also depends on your business category. LinkedIn video ads are good to reach many customers as per your Budget.

4. Google My Business Listing

Through Google Business listing you can make your complete profile on Google where people can view your business name, business hours, number, location, reviews, ratings, posts, services, business category, and business description. If your GMB listing is optimized for local SEO, then it can bring the maximum number of inquiries for your Business. This is good if your business is local.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the cheapest method to generate leads for your business. According to an estimate if you invest 1$ in email marketing you will get 4$ in return. As per a survey, Email marketing outperforms SEO, PPC (Google Ads), and content marketing for ROI.It is the Most cost effective way to promote products or services.

You can use any of the following email marketing automation services such as Aweber, Get Response, Infusion Soft, Mail Chimp, G-Mass.

6. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing helps you attract customers with content designed to attract qualified prospects, convert them into leads and customers. IM includes content-marketing, video-marketing, guest-blogging and other forms of creating relevant content and marketing that content in such a way to make them your customers. As you have already heard about it that ‘Content is the King’ in Digital Marketing, just write relevant content on your product or services in the form of Blog or Articles, it will take time but there will be a moment when you start getting quality traffic.

Once you start getting leads then you have to take follow-ups which can be in the form of phone calls, follow up via emails or meeting with them in person if required.


Apart from the above-mentioned sources there are many other sources which are being used in generating Leads. We have explained only online sources of generating leads, there are other methods through which we can generate leads via offline channels such as events, general meetups etc. Since we are discussing online channels that can be used for generating leads for the business that’s why we haven’t written about offline channels. If online and offline channels can be done simultaneously then it will bring tremendous results in the context of lead generation.

If there is a Digital Marketing team in your Company then you can follow above-mentioned sources otherwise you can hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

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